Mrs Tsinda Coombs

Mrs. Tsinda Coombs

I am pleased to be working with you as we guide your child on their journey to becoming lifelong learners.

Math Links

Addition Machine

Vector Addition/Subtraction flashcards

Base Ten Blocks build a number

Place Value collect the ducks game

Place value Hockey score game

Rounding seashells

Estimate how many

Estimating Sums

Estimating Differences

Math Play lots of math games organized by grade, find one relating to our current Outcome.

Horizon math links – games by topic

Complete the number sentences:

Math Pyramid

Increasing and Decreasing Patterns:

Grow the flower

Growing patterns explanation

Growing and Shrinking patterns lesson

Math Fraction games:

Cross The River

Jelly Golfing

Math Playground

Health links:

Create personalized My Food Guide

Social Studies links:

Saskatchewan Imports and Exports

Sask Trade Report

Saskatchewan Quick Facts

Saskatchewan Statistics

Ethnic Bloc Settlements immigration

Prezi log in

Learn the continents and oceans before labelling them on your prezi map

World Fact Book provides searchable data and statistics for 267 countries

Internet World Statistics presents up-to-date information about what portions of the world’s population access the internet and other communications technology

Money Managing is a PBS Kids site which discusses the difference between wants and needs

Breathing Earth

UN Rights of the Child

Child Rights reviews of some countries

Country Facts Look at the country list to see if there is information about your country

Kids Konnect Check for your country and follow some of the links at the bottom of your page to find information.

National Geopgraphic has photos, flags, and interesting facts about many countries

Earth Calendar shows dates and names of holidays for countries around the world

Science Links:

Animal Classification

World Biomes


Earth Observatory

Laser mirror game

Inukshuk websites:

Fathomstone, Gallery, Canadian Encyclopedia, Oriana, History Museum of Canada


Build a bridge scroll down to start the game

Build a Skyscraper work through the sections, then give it a try

Plants growing activity

Plant Life Cycle try the four plant activities on this page

Saskatchewan Wildflowers website for plant report

What Bird identification guide

Instant Poetry writing templates

Wordle visual poetry